Institute for Environment Research and Development


Putting our strategy into effect needs action in a number of areas. We are developing a research strategy within and across while focusing on our common themes. We also communicate our broader vision and our ways of working to a range of external audiences and are always looking for feedback from our multiple audiences. Other ways that we maximize our impact include the following:

Advisory Panels that help improve our effectiveness and relevance.
Major IERD-wide events such as Annual Conferences and Multi – Donor meetings.
Resource Centres for Participatory Learning and Action.
Partnerships and collaboration are at the heart of IERD’s work and our strategy depends on developing close and fruitful working relations with many different actors around the world.  

We will:
• Consolidate and build upon the partnerships which underpin our understanding of current challenges around the world, and provide ways to deliver a range of activities and outcomes.
• Jointly monitor and evaluate our work, through peer review and independent oversight panels.
• Maintain a strong International Board of Trustees, to provide governance
and guidance of IERD’s work.
• Create alliances with institutions to shift the agenda on environmental issues and change public attitudes towards environmental development.
• Set up an IERD International Fellowship scheme for individuals from around the world through visits, exchange of staff and opportunities for training and development.
• Create and house a cluster of organizations with a common agenda.

This will provide great opportunities for partnership and sharing skills.