Institute for Environment Research and Development


Communicating effectively remains a challenge but one that IERD is continually evolving. Communications are at the heart of IERD’s work. If we are to inform and influence key actors we must invest in more powerful means to translate our findings in clear messages, targeted at a range of audiences. We are careful to integrate communications activities into the design of projects, so there is adequate provision for disseminating these messages jointly with our partners.

At the same time we carry out institute-wide communications work on strategic topics, as well as cross-cutting issues. Our target audiences need material in various forms. We convey messages through multiple channels, often in collaboration with other actors.


We are developing ways to monitor and evaluate our work, to ensure greater effectiveness and added value. The next phase of our monitoring and evaluation programme will expand our range of tools and processes. In time, these will be available as an on-line resource, for anyone working in the field of policy change, and facing similar challenges. External reviews, communications and networking continue to provide us with essential feedback for new and emerging priorities.
Advisory Panel meetings (APs) help improve our effectiveness and relevance, by providing an opportunity to consult with and listen to people and organizations from within Nigeria and Africa.
 Major IERD-wide events, such as our Annual Conferences and Multi-Donor Meetings, draw upon the skills and experience of all parts of the institute.

                                    A range of initiatives allow us to feed insights from different parts of IERD into global debates.